2008-2009 GSXR 600/750 Exhaust Install

2008-2009 GSXR 600/750 Exhaust Install

Just like with car enthusiasts, motorcyclists ride at their best with aftermarket parts, one of which especially being the exhaust. With an aftermarket exhaust, your GSXR 600/750 will have a significant increase in power. And, if you happen to have treated your 2008 or 2009 GSXR 600/750, then we at GSXRfairings.org can lecture you on how to install that baby, in case……ya know……don’t know how to DIY. But, we can’t supply you with the tools you’ll be needing =P. We could, however, tell you what you need =). Have on you a 8 mm/10 mm/12 mm wrench, small screwdriver, 4 mm/6 mm allen wrench, drill (cordless is preferred), needle nose pliers, torque wrench, socket extensions, ratchet wrench, paper towels and manufacturer’s manual.

1. Referring to the manufacturer’s manual, remove the factory bodywork panels from each side. Then, undo the bolts (one on each side) to remove the the seat. They might be ½ in. long allen screws.

2. Go over to the gas tank and open it. Prop it open using a stay (can be found in the trunk). Once you do that, fixate on the exhaust valve. Remove the cables from the exhaust valve. Use the area between the headers and muffler box as a guide if you’re having trouble.

3. Remove the exhaust valve servo motor by first unplugging it. Use the area underneath the gas tank and left side of the frame behind throttle bodies as references. Undo cables and replace servo motor. Re-plug it.

4. Locate the O2 sensor and follow it to underneath the tank. Unplug the O2 sensor via the main wiring loom. Pull lead out from underneath the tank and push in the supplied blanking plug into the main wiring loom connector.

5. Undo the bolts that are retaining the radiator. Once completely unbolted, the radiator may fall forwards onto the front wheel. Allow this to occur.

6. Undo all bolts that are retaining the header pipes to the cylinder head, and undo all bolts for left-hand pipes and ones for the right-hand pipe. Remove the muffler afterwards.

7. Undo the bolts that are supporting the muffler box. While you’re supporting this part, undo the bolts on the right-hand header pipe. Set both of these aside and away from the bike.

8. Uninstall the left-side rubber muffler box mount.. Two allen head bolts may be retaining it. Take the supplied M8 x 25 hex head bolt and thread it through the lower hole of the frame tab via inside. This is so the threading sticks out and is fairly visible. Once you do all of that, drop gas tank and ensure it’s secure.

9. Time to disable the exhaust valve! Start by removing the metal brace. The metal brace may be found under the rider’s seat and above the engine control unit. While you’re near the ECU, remove the black plug from it.

9b. Locate the orange cap and press in the small tabs on either side of the plug to remove it. Look for a wire that’s black and has a white tracer. It’s on the left-hand side and top row of the previous plug. Take a small flat blade screwdriver and insert it into the hole. Slowly and carefully pry downwards while pulling the wire via the back of the plug. If you don’t happen to have a small flat blade screwdriver or similar, then take a paper clip and flatten its end.

9c. Take electrical tape and wrap the exposed end of the wire you’ve just removed. Push it back and away into the wiring harness. Put the orange cap back on and reconnect the ECU.

10. Lastly, refit the metal brace =). Oh yeah, and put the rider’s seat back on!

11. Bolt header flanges to motor with spring holes facing downward. Install the springs onto the flanges in a matching pattern to spring tabs onto the headers. Then, take those new headers of yours and assemble them onto the collector. The collector is marked on its top side, so you should be able to locate it and do that part. If you happen to luck out of it being marked, then use its top side as a reference (flatness facing upwards w/ dip in the underside facing downards). Lubricate slip joints with WD-40 or light oil for extra installation safety. Lube never hurts!

12. Using two springs, retain the collector to headers. Then, take headers and install onto the flanges. Make sure that headers are sitting entirely onto the flanges. While holding the collector, twist the pipes sideways back n’ forth to make sure that the headers are sitting onto the flanges nicely. Be sure to also apply some WD-40 or approved light oil during this step.

13. Have your new muffler ready! Apply some WD-40 or approved light oil on the end of the collector. Take the new muffler and push it as much as possible onto it.

14. Have the kickstand lowered. Take the left tab of the muffler strap and place it over the threads of the 8 x 25 bolt. Take M8 nyloc and washer and place over the threads. Tighten adequately. Don’t overtighten.

15. Take the strap and stretch under the muffler and behind the factory right-hand rubber mount. Then, take a factory muffler mounting bolt and push it through both the rubber mount and strap. Take an M8 Nyloc and washer. Place those over the threads and tighten adequately. Remember not to overtighten! Tighten the left-hand nyloc after you’re done with that one.

16.You may have to wiggle the muffler to have it seated into the strap. Finger-tight the front clamp once horizontal. After that, get the task of reinstalling the bolts onto the radiator out of the way.

17. For this step, have the lower rear bolts of the left and right fairings remain out. This is temporary. Reinstall the left and right fairings.

18. Using the black plastic rivet fastener that’s included in the upgrade kit, attach the left and right sides of the new carbon fiber trim pieces. Hint: Right side should be ontop of the left flange. In both trim pieces, push outter shell through the matching holes. Be sure to first separate the rivet! Press the inner rivet through the outter shell now. Snap tightly and you’re home free =).

19. Take the right side of the stock fairing and slip it into the channel on the new trim. Take a fairing bolt and install it. Don’t tighten!

20. From the trim piece, inspect the position of the exit of the pipe within the trim piece. Twist muffler slowly and carefully into its strap if the pipe exit’s off.

21. Position new trim behind the factory fairing on the left side. Install a bolt on there and tighten adequately. From there, adjust muffler and inspect clearances.

22. Focusing on the right side, pull back the stock fairing. Torque the clamp of the muffler to 25 lb-ft.

23. Install a bolt in the fairing and……nah……you’re done!

IMPORTANT: After riding for around 100 miles, ensure that your bike’s off and inspect all fasteners. Ensure that they’re adequately tight. Don’t want parts falling off n’ stuff!