2008 GSXR Fairings

2008 GSXR fairings

Over the course of eight decades, fairings technology advanced tremendously. One could easily imagine. Although it may not seem like it, fairings have improved greatly in both safety and appearance, as demonstrated in the picture above of 2008 GSXR fairings.

Besides safety, 2008 GSXR fairings help introduce a new form of style. It’s important to keep in mind though, that safety trumps style. However, there are 2008 GSXR fairings that provide your 2008 GSXR with a balance of both.

2008 600 GSXR / 750 GSXR Fairings: (most popular)

1. Suzuki GSXR 600/750 Fairings Type 29
2. Suzuki GSXR 600/750 Fairings Type 15

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2008 GSXR 1000 Fairings: (most popular)

1. ZXMT Black ABS Fairing Set 24pc
2. Suzuki GSXR 1000 2007-2008 ABS Fairing Set – Black Type 1
3. Suzuki GSXR 1000 2007-2008 ABS Fairing Set – Blue/White

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2008 GSXR 1300 Hayabusa Fairings: (most popular)

1. Gold/Black ABS Fairing Set 17pc – Suzuki GSXR1300 2008-2009
2. OEM Style Orange & Black ABS 28pc Fairing Set
3. Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hayabusa 2008-2009 ABS Fairing

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All the 2008 GSXR Fairings above were judged based on popularity, fitment, paint quality, and most importantly bang for the buck

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