2015 Suzuki GSX-R1000? Is That You?

With 2015 rolling around, a bunch of motorcycle manufacturers are doing what they can to please our eyes and satisfy our enthusiasm in motorsports and biking, one of these brands being Suzuki. Suzuki has been busy and accomplished much this year, with the release of a limited edition GSXR 1000 WSBK in India and GSXR 600/750 with new skins. But, Suzuki refuses to rest.

Suzuki have plans for releasing a 2015 model for the GSX-R 1000. The 2015 model will include an inline four cylinder engine, which would enhance performance. Also, that red fairing though……It’s said that the aforementioned feature of the new GSX-R may serve as a big role for Suzuki’s future. We could only hope that they have more to bring to the table.