Beware of eBay GSXR Fairing Kits

Beware of GSXR Fairing Kits on ebay

eBay has been around for about two decades now. People can purchase, or bid, on all kinds of items, including GSXR fairing kits. While it’s convenient to obtain Suzuki GSXR fairing kits in the comfort of your home on a computer, or through eBay apps, it’s important to be cautious when doing such. Remember that you’re buying or bidding an item that’s in a stranger’s possession, whether they’re an individual, business, or manufacturer.

” I had a friend who ordered fairings off of there and he had alot of problems with holes not lining up. not trying to shy you away but just do some research on the seller.” -Anonymous user on Although conducting research on the seller of the GSXR fairing kit is something, a good seller can be unfavorable in other ways.

“my buddy ordered some ebay fairings for his cbr600 and they SUCKED. nothing lined up, and the paint started peeling not long after getting them on.” That’s from a different anonymous user on Beware of eBay GSXR fairing kits. You may be getting what you want, but there’s still risk overall. Do thorough research on the seller. Observing and considering the seller’s customer feedback will help in deciding on whether you want to buy or bid their GSXR fairing kits or not. These tips will make your experience with eBay GSXR fairing kits more enjoyable.

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