GSXR Fairing FAQs (10)

Where is the best place to buy GSXR Fairings?

We have compiled a list HERE of the highest rated fairing companies [click here to view list]

What does oem quality fairing mean?

Generally when you see the term OEM quality — it is a very good thing. What OEM quality means; is  the aftermarket fairing has been molded directly from the OEM fairing. This process provides the new aftermarket fairing to be the same dimensions and style as the oem fairing.

This allows for a good fitment just like the OEM fairings. Only buy fairings that are oem quality standard or you may run into fitment issues. We also recommend buying from only reputable companies. Here’s a list of companies that have proven themselves with the best fitting fairings.

Do fairings include installation hardware?

Yes, in most cases. On some bike models though you will simply re-use the current installation hardware that is holding on your fairings now.

I heard all fairings come from china is that true?

Yes and no. The majority of fairings produced are done so over seas in places like china, hong kong and taiwan. Just because a product is produced overseas does not make it a bad product. One should be concerned with the actual manufacturer and company producing the product.

Fact: A majority of the OEM fairings that come on bikes are produced in some of the same geographically location. In other words, a lot of OEM fairings are made in china, hong kong, etc.

Are ebay fairings any good?

eBay is a website that consists of a bunch of different companies selling different products. To say every fairing on eBay is trash, would be a very false statement. However, one should use extreme caution when buying from ebay. We have heard tons of reports of crappy fitting ebay fairings

We recomend doing business with a trusted vendor to avoid fitment and customer service issues

Do I need to pay a shop to install new fairings?

In most cases if you are capable of operating a wrench and screwdriver you will have no problem installing new fairings. Some bike models are a little more complicated. Usually the really rare old school bike models. You should always have a professional install them if you do not feel comfortable with the job. Any reputable body shop can install them for fairly cheap.

Here’s a good fairing installation how to guide to get started


I see a lot of fairing stores say fairings have to be painted, and will delay shipping, why?

Most fairing companies already have the fairings pre-made. But since there is so many different color and styles of fairings its virtually impossible to have every set available pre-painted.

Most fairing companies will immediately start painting the fairings after they receive the order. This is a very good thing because it assures that the paint is tailored to your bike. While sometimes it adds a few days on shipping .. the pro’s out weight the cons

Will the paint on the new fairings match my current paint?

This is a tricky question. In most cases yes. If your bike has been left out in the desert sun for the last 28 years without any covering then of course not. If your paint is faded or if its a custom color we suggest contacting the vendor you plan on buying fairings from and making sure they can match your exact specifications.

Worst case scenario you can always buy un-painted fairings and have a local body shop paint match everything. Fairings do not cost a lot to have painted locally.

Do aftermarket fairings fit as good as my factory fairings?

Yes. If you buy fairings from a reputable vendor then you will not have any problems. Remember you only want to buy OEM quality or OEM style fairings that are molded directly from the factory oem fairings.

In some rare occasions even the most reputable vendor fairings will not line up or fit without slight modification. 9 times out of 10 this is because the bike frame or stance is out of factory setting. This occurs sometimes on bikes that have been wrecked and the frame has been bent.