How to Remove GSXR Fairings

Need to remove the fairing from your 2008 or 2009 GSXR? No problem. We got you covered with this video. It’s easy enough that you can do it in your driveway or garage, as the video indicates! All that’s required is a screwdriver and a pair of hands and only takes minutes to do.

A couple of tips to keep in mind are:

1. Be careful when removing the fairing. Not doing so may cause your beauty to tip over and land on your foot or injure your leg. Work on each side of the fairing to loosen it. In turn, the whole fairing will gradually become loose.

2. Bundle-up and set aside whatever screws or parts you had to remove to prepare the fairing for a complete removal. Don’t put them on the floor, for your foot might bump into them and they may roll elsewhere.

The triangular portion of the fairing next to the front wheel can be removed by pushing down on the fairing with one hand and guiding the triangular portion of the fairing in the other. Remember to carefully put the fairing back on when the time comes! Careful out, and careful in. Your 2008/2009 GSXR treats you as good as you treat it.