How to Remove GSXR Headlight (with video)

Light bulbs and car headlights eventually get “dirty” from the inside or, of course, need to be changed periodically. Whatever the case is, the video below will tell you on how to remove the headlight on your 2009 GSXR 1000. Have a screwdriver handy!

Before getting to work, ensure that your 2009 GSXR 1000 is not running and that the headlights are off. Undo the screws that are mentioned in the video. Below are also some important tips to take in when removing a GSXR headlight:

— Right after undoing any screws, store them in a safe place. Don’t put them on the ground. You might forget about them or they may roll out of the area where you settled them. Place them on a workbench or in your shirt or pants pocket.
— Be careful when having to remove any other part that’s necessary to remove the headlight. Wiggle them out. Don’t yank or pull aggressively.