New 2015 GSXR to Ride in a New Skin!

New GSXR to Ride in a New Skin

There’s nothing like the Suzuki 1000. If you happen to be an owner of this fine piece of road machinery, then you know what’s up. The Hayabusa  is powerful and secure all at the same time, with its TSCC’s and ABS.

As for the GSXR 600, it’s a nice n’ compact bike that will surely satisfy the the first-time buyer or enthusiast. And the GSXR 1000 is fully equipped for anything, as clearly demonstrated by this year’s AMA Championships. To please all owners and/or fans of the Hayabusa, GSXR 1000, and GSXR 600/750, Suzuki’s releasing a new model of various color schemes, inspired by MotoGP.

It’s reported that for a glass sparkle black and metallic thunder gray combination for the 2015 Hayabusa model, it would be $14,599. For a pearl vigor blue / metallic mystic silver, same price. The pearl mira red / metallic matte black combination and metallic triton blue (sounds so coooool) will reportedly be $13,899. GSXR 600’s skins, the pearl bracing white / metallic matte fibroin gray combination and metallic triton blue was reportedly originally priced at $11,699. But, since Suzuki loves us so much, it would be $11,199.

Finally, the GSXR 750. There will be a pearl moon stone gray / pearl bracing white combination and metallic triton blue available for $12,299. Can these new babies come out any sooner!?