Safety Safety Safety!


You’ve just become certified to operate a motorbike. You choose your first bike, a Suzuki GSXR 600/750. Fine choice, fine choice. You take it out for a ride as soon as you have it in your possession. What you should’ve done first is recall safety.

This month’s saturated with a handful of motorbike accidents, and in various places of the world. One of such incidents occurred in Stratford, CT on the 3rd. The operator reportedly ran a traffic device and hit the rear of an 04′ Grand Cherokee. In the UK, a motorcyclist died on Sept 13 before the afternoon arrived.

Sure, there will be other motor vehicle drivers and/or fellow motorbike operators near you at any time, who may not be paying attention to what lies ahead of them and their surroundings. Keeping your eyes on the road and acknowledging what’s around you may help you avoid accidents. And of course, comply with the rules of the road. Before heading out onto the road, ensure that your GSXR is good to go!