Tips For Buying a Used GSXR

Tips For Buying a Used GSXR

So, you’re looking to buy a used GSXR. Whether you’re in need of a temporary replacement ride, a new quick first, another used GSXR in the garage desginated for parts, or whatever other reason you may have for a used GSXR, there’s normally used GSXRs for sale through various sources. But, no matter where you buy a used Suzuki GSXR from, there are tips to keep in mind.

  • The more info provided, the better.
    If you’re going to buy a used GSXR from a personal owner through an online ad or listing, then ensure that sufficient info regarding the GSXR is provided. An online ad/listing that includes an image or two of the ride would be best. But, you can always contact the owner personally and inquire about that.
  • History of work done

    If possible, then have the owner make a copy of any receipts that show any kind of work being done. This is part of knowing your new, but used Suzuki GSXR 600/750, and it’s important that you do this.

  • Manufacturer’s Manual

    There are used Suzuki GSXR owners who still have the respective manufacturer’s manual to their ride. Be sure to inquire about this as well before going ahead and buying the used GSXR 600/750. Having the manufacturer’s manual is vital to both you and your purchase.

  •  Get Your New Purchase Inspected

    Even if you managed to retrieve copies of receipts that show when and what previous work was done on the used GSXR, there’s the phrase “better safe than sorry.” Take your now used GSXR to a shop as soon as possible to get it checked out to ensure that it’s safe to ride. Get anything fixed if necessary, as soon as you can.