Used GSXR 600 OEM Fairings

used oem gsxr fairings

Here’s a great deal on some used OEM GSXR600 Fairings I found while cruising Craigslist. Not quite a full set here, but looks like he has all the good stuff like tank cover, and wheel rain guard.

miscellaneous fairings from my 2007 Suzuki GSXR 600 for sale. Will also fit the 2006 GSXR.

All pieces are in perfect condition. (a few parts may need to be washed, but there are no cracks)

Does not come with any screws or mounting equipment.

– Front wheel rain guard (glossy black) original OEM – $30
– Wind shield (reflective blue) aftermarket- $20
– Left and right air intake covers (matte black) non-OEM ABS injection molded- $40 for both
– Left and right thigh covers (matte black) non-OEM ABS injection molded- $30 for both
– Tank cover (blue, not pictured) original OEM- $30
– Back seat replacement (blue) with mounting brackets, original OEM- $30
– Complete tail fairings (white sides, blue top, matte black underside rain guard) original OEM- $50

All pieces sold as listed, or together. Prices are non-negotiable. I’m already asking much less than anyone else.

Good deal for anybody close to Lakewood – Colorado — More info at: