Warning! The Difference Between Good GSXR Fairings and Bad Fairings


Cars, trucks, trains, boats, motorbikes………anything that emphasizes on mechanics is usually accompanied by extensive terminology. A “fairing” is equivalent to a car’s body kit. It’s a covering case for a motorcycle or sports bike. Think of the fairing as a turtle shell. It’s designed mainly to reduce air drag. The fairing also serves as protection for the rider and the bike’s interior. Most motorcycles and sports bikes are seen with half fairings. Thus, most of the frame and “guts” of the bike are visible. Like with mostly everything else, there are pros and cons to fairings. But with fairings, the cons outweigh the pros no matter what. A good fairing can help preserve your life, while a bad fairing can threaten it tremendously.

Fairing Fitment

The most important thing when it comes to fitments is quality, especially when a fairing is involved. A fairing that is poor in quality may result in the driver being more prone to road hazards, which can result in death or an extensive hospital stay due to hypothermia. Yes, you are also prone to hypothermia. This is caused by the wind, which is constantly being pulled towards you. A poor quality fairing also indicates that it’s not very durable and is composed of mediocre material. As a result of having a poor quality fairing, it just very well may literally melt and fade away.

See why it’s vital that your bike must have a good quality fairing? A fairing that’s in good quality will help maintain your core body temperature, protect the innards of your ride, and yourself most of all.

Fairing Paint Quality

A poor quality paint job may not be as important as a good quality fairing, but riding around with said paint job can turn heads……….in a negative way. You’re more than likely to also feel embarrassed, sooner or later. As you ride off, there’s a good chance that people are asking one another “Why won’t he just get a new paint job” or “Man, did you check out that ride? Such a hideous paint job.” Besides a poor quality paint job ruining your bike aesthetically, the paint may very well chip and scratch easily. It’s within every bike owner’s right to have and deserve a good quality paint job. A good quality paint job from an expert will yield a look that’s cosmetically pleasing, lush, and durable. Those who’ve talked bad about your ride will eat their own words!

Cheap Fairing Pricing

As a consumer, you should know very well that you get what you pay for. Everything that’s been discussed up to this point conveys that cheapest is surely not the best, let alone safest. While the most expensive products are guaranteed to be best in quality and comfort, you may not fall within the price range. Be as it may, do your research on good quality fairings. You’d be grateful that you did